Public Consultation for Cycling Movement Strategy Phase 2 – Harrow Road

Westminster City Council has commissioned FM Conway to undertake a consultation on the Phase 2 Cycling Movement Strategy proposals in Harrow Road. Phase 2 of the Cycling Movement Strategy looks to formalise a number of temporary schemes across the borough implemented as part of the council’s COVID-19 response.

In November and December 2021, the council consulted on the ‘Cycling Movement Strategy’ temporary cycle schemes. The consultation sought stakeholder views on retaining the 11 temporary cycle schemes installed across Westminster. The consultation received a good level of support in retaining the temporary cycle lanes whilst we develop proposals to create permanent facilities.

A permanent scheme has now been developed for Harrow Road which builds on the success of the temporary scheme. The proposals have been split into 3 separate sections due to the length of the scheme. These are:
● Harrow Road Section 1 – From Ladbroke Grove to Elgin Avenue
● Harrow Road Section 2 – From Elgin Avenue to Lord Hills Bridge
● Harrow Road Section 3 – From Lord Hills Bridge to Edgware Road

The scheme includes the following key improvements:
■ Upgrade of existing waiting and loading restrictions to align with the cycle lane timing and to provide a clear route for cyclists.
■ Visual segregation (wands) along sections of Harrow Road to provide additional protection to cyclists.
■ Proposed conversion of certain side roads to one-way for vehicles with contra-flow cycle lane to remove the conflict between cyclists and left turning vehicles at these junctions with Harrow Road.
■ Proposed sections of loading bays along certain sections of Harrow Road to allow for the loading of large retail and goods vehicles.
■ Proposed 1.2m advisory cycle lane past proposed loading bays with 0.5m buffer zone between cycle lane and proposed bays to protect cyclists.
■ Refresh existing road markings where needed and introduction of green surface dressing in areas such as junctions with side roads where the presence of cyclists needs to be highlighted further.
■ Proposed restriction of straight-ahead movement from left hand lane on Harrow Road at junctions with Chippenham Road, Bourne Terrace, Torquay Street and Lords Hill Bridge Road.

It is anticipated that construction of a proposed scheme could be undertaken in late 2024. However, at this early stage, the council is inviting comments on the above proposals to help reach a decision on how the scheme will be taken forward.

The deadline for responding to this consultation is Tuesday 28th May 2024. A website, has been set up providing information about the proposed scheme and an online survey form to leave comments. Alternatively, comments can be emailed to clearly stating ‘Harrow Road’ in the subject line. Please include the section you are commenting on if appropriate.

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