Community Voices

Who are we?

We are Community Safety Pioneers made up of local parents / residents in North Westminster, supported by the organisations listed below.

Our vision and aims

We want to engage with parents and carers in Westbourne in relation to Community Safety, knife crime and violence affecting young people.

Our vision is to find ways to make our streets and community safer. We hope to tackle this by working closely with families, local services, authorities, and schools.

We want to work with as many parents and carers as possible to explore the part that we can play by coming together to tackle this issue.

A key part of our vision is to build stronger relationships with young people and between local families and the services that can offer them support.

How we will achieve our aim:


We want to meet with as many parents as possible to share our vision and explore ways to work together.

We would like to get a sense of what they know, how they feel and what concerns they have on the topic of Community Safety especially involving youth knife crime.


We would also like to organise workshops for parents and carers with speakers from different organisations that offer in-depth information on:

• knife crime and violence affecting young people

• support and training available for families and how to access it

• signs for parents and carers to look out for

• the pressures experienced by young people in the community.


We want to give parents and carers the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns around this issue.

We want them to have the knowledge and information to take action and seek support if they are concerned about their child.

We want people to understand that it takes a village to raise a child and that we all have a responsibility to play our part in making our community and children safer. We hope that more and more parents will feel empowered to join this group and work with us towards this goal.

If you would like to know more, or join us, Contact Sadia: 07925 937 713 or Geoff: 020 7727 6019

Office: Westbourne Park Family Centre, Westbourne Park Baptist Church, Porchester Road, London, W2 5DX