Green Westbourne


Green Westbourne aims to make life better for people living in Westbourne by making the area greener, healthier and better for nature and by improving access to the green economy and green jobs.

What is Green Westbourne?

This project reimagines the relationship between nature and people living, studying and working in Westbourne. Led by Westbourne Forum in partnership with London National Park City, Green Westbourne is a partnership between local residents, the voluntary sector, business and Westminster Council.

Our ambition is that over the next five years Green Westbourne will develop into a range of projects that can benefit every Westbourne resident in some way including:

  • Landscaping, wilding and greening works
  • Food growing and permiculture
  • Volunteering and resident training
  • Outdoor and nature connection activities
  • School and youth projects
  • Green enterprise and employment schemes

Click here to see the Green Westbourne Project Plan – created by the Green Westbourne network of local residents, businesses and organisations!


How you can get involved

  • Join one of our activities
  • Let us know you are interested in joining the Green Westbourne Whatsapp Group to connect with other people in the area with similar interests
  • Let us know if you are interested in joining the Green Westbourne working group to help set the directions and priorities of the project
  • Let us know your project ideas to help make Westbourne greener, healthier and wilder!


If you are an individual, organisation, group or business that cares about Westbourne and would like to get involved contact:
Sadia Moh, 07925937713
Or sign up to join our Whatsapp Group using this contact form:


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