Green Westbourne

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Green Westbourne aims to make life better for people living in Westbourne by making the area greener, healthier, and wilder and by improving access to the green economy and green jobs.

This innovative approach will reimagine the relationship between nature and people in an inner-city ward with high levels of overcrowding and deprivation. Led by Westbourne Forum and supported by Paddington Development Trust, Green Westbourne will be a partnership between residents, business, the voluntary sector, and Westminster Council.

Our Ambition

Over the next five years Green Westbourne will develop into a range of initiatives that touch the lives of every Westbourne resident including:

  • Landscaping, wildling, and greening works
  • Food growing and permaculture
  • Volunteering
  • Outdoor and nature connection activities
  • Resident training
  • School and youth projects
  • Green enterprise and employment schemes

Green Westbourne is being supported by London National Park City, a London wide movement to celebrate and increase engagement with the city’s nature and green spaces.

Next Steps

  • Westminster Council are currently preparing for a community consultation that will take place in early Summer on the Harrow Road Place Plan including works of the Canal side area of Westbourne Green
  • We will support this consultation to help as many local residents feed in their ideas for what they would like Westbourne’s green spaces to look like
  • We will also use the outcome to understand Westbourne’s residents’ priorities and ideas for their green spaces
  • Based on this we will start to apply for funding for projects that work towards these priorities and ideas

What’s Happening Now

  • While we wait, we are talking to as many people about Green Westbourne so that they are able to take part in the consultation and help to shape what comes next
  • We are also testing some smaller project ideas related to nature and green spaces

How you can get involved

  • If you have an idea for a project that could connect local residents with nature and/ or our local green spaces let us know!
  • Take part in our weekly Nature Connection sessions using nature to support residents’ health and wellbeing
  • If you are interested in being part of Green Westbourne let us know even if you are not sure how!

For more information contact: Lizzie Fletcher