Since 2005, Westbourne Neighbourhood Forum has been at the heart of the local community, and has endeavoured to be both its voice and a source of strength for residents as well as local organisations and charities.

With the guidance and operational support of Paddington Development Trust, Westbourne Forum behaved as the engine of the Local Area Renewal Partnership throughout its lifetime, and its terms of reference were found in the Neighbourhood Plan for 2006-2010.

With the end of the LARP and, later on, the enacting of Localism in 2011-12, Westbourne Forum continued to work and prepare for a new, promising era. With a slightly reduced Neighbourhood Area, Westbourne Forum was designated as the new Neighbourhood Forum in July 2014, with the mission to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan.

Westbourne Neighbourhood Forum brings people together for a better community life in the Westbourne ward.

Westbourne Neighbourhood Forum is a community partnership between local residents, businesses, places of education, and voluntary organisations. The Forum is open to everyone who shares an active interest in the life of Westbourne.

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