Digital Talent 2.0

Afternoon all, applications are now open for 6 organisations to receive up to £27k funding to deliver Digital Talent 2.0, an employability programme for 18 to 24 year olds.

The programme is focussed on digital, data and tech sectors; delivery between Jan24 and Feb25; Q&A sessions on 8th and 15th Nov; deadline to apply – 26th Nov.

For more info and to apply:

What does it include? • 6 London Youth member organisations • Support at least 15 young Londoners aged 18-24 to begin their careers in the digital, data and tech sectors • A grant of up to E27,OOO to take part • Opportunities for staff to develop their careers advice skills and awareness of the digital, data and tech sectors, in order to continue supporting young people into the future • Develop partnerships with relevant employers to create ongoing opportunities for young people • Key elements of the programme include: ESSENTIAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - personal development activities and mentoring, with career guidance from trusted youth workers PROFESSIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - workshops and training focused on either the digital, data or tech sector WORKPLACE EXPERIENCES - corporate insight days and work experience to expose young people to potential future employers in the digital, data and tech sectors SUPPORT TO TRANSITION INTO WORK - practical and personal support for Digital Talent 2.0 participants as they apply for, and begin, entry level roles, apprenticeships and more specialist data, digital and tech jobs