Westbourne kids learn why building design matters

Westbourne kids learning why design matters.Children from Westminster Academy are participating in a unique pilot project. Vital Regeneration, the local charity who work with Westminster City Council on the housing renewal programme, have got together with internationally acclaimed architecture practice Farrells to create an exciting educational programme.

Over ten weekly workshops ‘Sustainable Design Matters’ sees local children team up with professional architects to create their own designs for a development site in the Westbourne Green masterplan – the space under the Westway at Royal Oak.

Working in teams, students liaise with ‘clients’, face challenges such as budget cuts and disputes with neighbours and consider how to communicate their proposals. Farrells host the pioneering workshops which emulate real-life building projects and introduce the importance of sustainable building design.

Each weekly session includes a speaker talking about topics such as ‘Community and Place’, participants then have a chance to translate these ideas into their own work.

The workshops also aim to inspire local young people to consider careers in architecture, design and professions related to London’s dynamic construction industry. Making this possible by increasing their understanding of the industry and the opportunities it offers, going beyond the idea that a job in construction implies labouring on a building site.

Christian Tilleray, Deputy Chief Executive of Vital Regeneration, says

“Young people have typically been under-represented as contributors to neighbourhood development plans, despite the fact that they inherit the results. Our job is to involve and inspire the next generation of participants and we are delighted to be collaborating with Farrells to this end.”