Thames Water on The Green

Thames Water have recently received planning permission from Westminster City Council to dig a sewer overflow pit on Westbourne Green. When the work is complete there will be two small permanent buildings and two hatches on the ground. During the digging of the pit, which may last 15 months, a large part of the Green will be taken over for the work compound, and will be unusable by residents. This work is proposed to relieve a flooding problem in Formosa Street and Shirland Road.

Westbourne Forum Chair, Geoff Biggs says – “Whilst we recognise that Thames Water needs to find a way of alleviating the risk of flooding north of the Canal, we believe that the loss of amenity to local residents living to the south of the canal, involved in digging the pit on Westbourne Green is unfair and unjust.”

“We have been seeking compensation from Thames Water for local residents and families who will be affected, in form of support and funding for health and wellbeing activities delivered through local community groups.”

We will keep you informed of our progress with this. Thames Water also provides updates on the work at: