Introducing Westbourne Forum

What we do

Since its launch in 2004, Westbourne Forum has been dedicated to making Westbourne a better place to live, work and visit.

Bringing people together

Every year the Forum organises the Westbourne Summer Festival on Westbourne Green.

Tug of War - Westbourne Festival, Westbourne Green.It’s a joint production, with a host of local volunteers and organisations working together to make it happen. The Festival is part of what we do to help build a stronger community.

Getting things done

Westbourne Parade after shopfront, pavement and street furniture improvement scheme.The Forum supports projects geared to the needs of local people, like Step Up 2 Fitness, exercise sessions for women run by a local resident and Forum member.

St Mary Magdalene Canal View of improvementsWe helped with improvements in 2011 to the shopping parade opposite Westminster Academy, and we’re involved in plans for a new arts and heritage centre at St Mary Magdalene’s Church.

Speaking up for Westbourne

The Forum is guided by people who live or work in the area – people with an understanding of how Westbourne ticks, and a commitment to the common interest. We seek to influence the decision-makers, like Westminster City Council – and to give a voice to local needs.

Westbourne Forum Committee Meeting

A plan for the future

In line with new opportunities for communities provided by the government, next year the Forum aims to create a neighbourhood plan for Westbourne. We’ll want to draw on your ideas and local knowledge in thinking about the sort of place Westbourne could and should be, well into the future.