London Citizens Listening Campaign

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Paddington Development Trust are working with London Citizens to find interested residents in North West Westminster to get involved with a listening campaign for the London Mayoral Elections.

Next spring, London will elect a new mayor for the city. Over the next few months, organisations across London will be asking local people- what is putting pressure on you, your family and your community? What is good and bad at the moment about living in London? What would you change about the city if you had the power?

On Monday 12th September, we are holding a meeting and training session for people who have connections within the local community. They will be trained up to listen over the rest of September. The ideas that come back will feed into a manifesto for Westminster, then West London, and eventually the whole of London.

A week before the polls, at the London Citizens Accountability Assembly, Ken and Boris will be on stage in front of 2500 people, where they will be asked to act this People’s Manifesto of proposals when they come into power.

If you were interested in being part of this valuable process, please get in touch with Charlotte,