Pledge your support to Westbourne Forum


Toby Gale, Westbourne Forum Manager, at one of the local schools.

Westbourne Forum has been working to improve life for people living and working in the ward since 2004.  After December 2010 the funding will be cut.  We need the backing  of local people as that would be  powerful support for our campaign to secure funding for the work to continue.  Here are some of the things we do and have done;

  • Making a new play space for local kids on Elmfield Way
  • Raising funds such as National Lottery funding to run fitness classes for local women
  • Organising big community events like Westbourne International Day
  • Representing the interests of local people on issues like Crossrail
  • Reaching out to residents who are isolated to connect them with support
  • Getting young people involved in the community
  • Working with partners to help people back into employment
  • Ensuring that local people are aware of the health services available to them
  • Encouraging local people to take responsibility for their health by delivering projects around exercise and healthy eating.

These are just some of the things we have worked on in the last six years.  There is still much to do but we need your help in order to survive the cuts.  If you want to pledge your support or find out more about the Forum please email Allison Bennett on   or phone on 020 7266 8252. Please give your full name and mobile number or land line so that we can contact you.  Thank you for your support.