Find a plot !

Are you interested in growing your own fruit and veg? Do you want the chance to win some brand new gardening tools and classes on growing your own food??


To win:

1. Identify a plot of local land that could be used for growing fruit and/or veg. Please note that can be a small plot of land.

2. Take a photo of the land and email or mail it to us with your name and address.

3. We will find out who owns the land and see whether it can be used for growing.

4. If this is successful, you will be FREE to grow fruit and veg with your winnings!

You can make a difference.  You can do your bit to prevent climate change and ensure a sustainable and healthy future for your community!

To send us your photographs or for more information email:

or send photos to: Find a Plot, The Stowe Centre, 258 Harrow Road, London, W2 5ES

 At Paddington Development Trust we are concerned about climate change. We are hoping to support this community to get better access to locally sourced organic food. What better way than to grow it ourselves?

 Much of the food available to us is very costly to the environment because it is frequently sourced from outside the UK. Not only does global food transportation increase carbon emissions but vast quantities of energy are wasted in practises of food production.