Introducing Local Area Panels – seeking your help

What skills do I need to have?
Be able to think creatively and put forward ideas.
Be able to understand and analyse information ( or be willing to learn how ).

What can I gain from being a panel member?
The training, support and experience you receive can help you develop skills for your personal and career development
Improving decision-making, reasoning, and problem-solving skills
Work alongside the council, other residents and local champions to improve your local area.

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Are you interested? are Local Area Panels?

Local Area Panels are dynamic, collaborative groups comprising dedicated individuals from our communities, all driven by a shared passion for enhancing their local areas. Panel membership is diverse, including residents, Ward Councillors, representatives from Voluntary and Community Organisations, Tenant and Resident Associations, Community Champions, and young people.

What will they do?

The main role of these panels is to determine which community projects should receive funding from the Council under the Community Priorities Programme. Additionally, they serve as the voice of the community, offering guidance and support in the design and coordination of community consultations and events in their local area.

How can you help?

We are actively seeking nominations for panel members who can contribute their skills and enthusiasm to positively impact their community. I encourage you to nominate individuals whom you believe would be valuable additions to these panels. Nominate your legends!

Furthermore, we will be hosting an information session to provide more details about the Local Area Panels. Your support in promoting this event within your network would be highly appreciated.

Fairer Communities
Are you passionate about improving your local area?

Why not join your local area panel and have your say on what community projects are delivered in your local area.

What would I do?
• Work alongside other panel members to provide feedback on how we design our consultations.
• Share your ideas on how we can improve on engagement events for the programme.
• Commission local service providers.
• Attend evening meetings
• Assess funding applications.

Community Priorities Programme
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