Westminster City Council – Consultation on Proposed Secure Cycle Storage Units

Westminster City Council is proposing to introduce a number of “FalcoPod” secure cycle storage units, at various locations throughout the City to provide residents with a safe place to park their bicycles. The storage units will help promote the use of bicycles within the City as well as offer protection from theft and the elements.

The proposed locations have been identified following requests from residents and are due to high demand. Plans showing the specific locations are available on the City Council’s website at www.westminster.gov.uk/secure-cycle-storage.

The secure cycle storage units at these locations will be introduced on areas of the footway where there is sufficient space to accommodate them without hindering pedestrians. They form part of the first phase of a programme to roll-out approximately 100 secure cycle storage cycle units in 2020/21, some of which will be introduced at suitable locations on the carriageway. Consultation on the remaining locations will be carried out in due course.

Allocation of a space in a FalcoPod secure cycle storage unit will be on a first come, first served basis. There will be no mechanism in place to prioritise individuals, except in very exceptional circumstances.

Members of the public wishing to register an interest or request a space will be able to visit https://www.westminster.gov.uk/find-cycle-parking for more information. This website is currently being updated, but it is anticipated that the system will go live in September 2020.

WSP, on behalf of the City Council, would be pleased to receive any observations or comments you may wish to make on the proposals, in writing, by 9th September 2020 either:

Please quote reference 7601, together with the relevant site reference, in your response. At the end of the consultation period all responses received will be forwarded to the City Council for consideration.

If you require any further information please contact WSP on 020 3116 5996.