Westbourne designated as a Neighbourhood Area

Westbourne has now been officially designated as a new Neighbourhood Area within the City of Westminster.

In January Westminster Council’s cabinet approved the application made in 2012 by Westbourne Forum.

This is the first step of three in line with new powers provided by government for local people to play an active and formal role in shaping planning priorities for their neighbourhoods.

Step two involves recognition as the official Neighbourhood Forum for the area. Over the last 10 years working on behalf of local people, Westbourne Forum has built up knowledge and a track record, and is now seeking support to add this new responsibility to its established role in the community. It plans to submit an application to the council before the summer. Signatories to the Forum’s application will be recognised as founding members of the new neighbourhood forum.

Then comes the third and most important step – the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for the area.

The boundary of the new Westbourne neighbourhood area, shown on the map below, largely follows the boundary of the ward, though it does include Westbourne Terrace Road (in the east), or Wessex Gardens Estate (in the west).

If you are interested in finding out more about Westbourne Forum’s application, please get in touch

Westbourne Designation Map