WA students awarded for local volunteering

Westbourne Park Family Centre Volunteering Awards recipient...As a part of the ‘Young Leader Project’, Westminster Academy students Miray Erturk, Ron Kavada and Abdullatif Reda Ali received Bronze awards for 25 hours of volunteering, Eden Kibala ( pictured ) a silver for 50 hours and Sharon and Elohim Kibala a Gold award for 100 hours. They all volunteered to work with the charity’s out of school children’s clubs.

Abdullatif explains “I volunteer once a week at the Westbourne Park Family Centre and for three days a week in the holidays. I help children to be able to make friends and play with other young people. I was really pleased to get the bronze award and will continue volunteering!”

By Geoff Biggs, Director, Westbourne Park Family Centre.
Congratulations to Miray, Ron, Abdullatif, Eden, Sharon and Elo-him!