Local residents hold Mayoral candidates to account

On Wednesday 25th April, on a dark and wet night, 8 local residents ventured to City Hall to see the candidates for the London Mayoral election being held to account. The event was organised by London Citizens, of which PDT is a member institution. Over the last 6 month, London Citizens have put togehter a ‘people’s manifesto’ of the most important issues for londoners, put togehter through a listening campaign which we took part in.

The main issues for people living in North Westminster were about decent and affordable housing, opportunities for young people, and crime and safety. These issues were reflected what came out of the other London boroughs, showing that no matter where we live, citizens of London are facing the same issues.

During the evening, the candidates were asked whether and how they would act on the various aspects of the manifesto. What were they going to do to create safe havens for young people across the city? What were they going to do to train and create a brighter future for young people? What were they going to do to lift a fifth of working people in London out of the poverty trap of the basic wage to a meaningful ‘living wage”? What were they going to do to provide a solution to ever-rising rents, deteriorating conditions and the ‘social cleansing’ that is besetting London’s housing market?

It was an interesting evening and a chance to see the candidates speaking for themselves. What was really impressive was the diversity of the audience. London Citizens had brought together people of all ages, colours, religions and cultures to truly represent our diverse city. You can watch a video of  what happened at the Assembly here