Westbourne Neighbourhood Masterplan Exhibition

As most people now know, there are currently proposals in Westbourne Green to¬†alter and improve¬†community facitilities, housing, shops and green spaces. The plan isn’t ready yet but some early ideas have been created by the team of urban planners.

From Wednesday 6th July 2011, the masterplan exhibition will be displayed in the Stowe Centre displaying some of these initial ideas.

Open every afternoon for 2 weeks, there will be an opportunity to have a look at the changes, ask questions and let us know your views. This is the very beginning of a long process, so the ideas displayed at this exhibition are not the final plans. It is a really great opportunity for local residents to have a look at some of the proposals and see how the area might change. There is also the chance to give your own ideas about what you want to see here.

This is just the first stage in a longer process, so the plans on show are still just ideas. You have an opportunity to influence the plans at this stage!

If you are part of a local community group and would like a personalised session, we can accomodate groups any morning so please get in touch on 0207 266 8251