Out and about in Westbourne for the Neighbourhood Masterplan

You might have seen someone from the Forum out and about this month, or maybe someone knocked on your door.

We have started the process of consulting local residents about the upcoming Westbourne Green Masterplan, visiting people door to door to let them know what is coming!

Westbourne Green has been earmarked by Westminster Council as an area for potential future regeneration. The Masterplan will consider how housing in the area can be improved or increased, alongside other potential changes to community facilities, green spaces and the shopping area along Harrow Road.

The Masterplanners are currently coming up with designs based on ideas that residents have already provided. Over the next month we will be working with the local schools to generate even more ideas. There will be lots of opportunities for residents to share their views. It is a really great way to have a say about the future of your neighbourhood and your community!

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the Masterplan or if you would like to help us out. Keep an eye on this website for any future events and activities.

Please also have a look at the new website here