Health Outreach at Edward Wilson School

Edward Wilson School

Over the first half of this term, the Health Outreach Project has arranged for a number of speakers and activities to go on as part of the Parents Coffee Morning at Edward Wilson School. The project aims to link local residents to services in Westbourne that they may not know about.

At the coffee morning, we have looked at topics such as healthy packed lunches, reading food labels, and had sessions run by the Westminster Health Trainers service, who run a 6 week personalised program for residents; and the Physical Activities Co-ordinator, who informed parents about health walks and exercise classes that take place in Westbourne. Last week, Tim Carrick, Environmental Health Officer from Westminster Council came along and spoke about housing issues including damp, mould and pests. These issues can be even more stressful when you have young children in the house. We had a really interesting discussion and we aim to improve the housing of many of the parents and their families. 

 Upcoming sessions by the Health Outreach project include:

18th November – Keeping children active

25th November – Mental Health and wellbeing

2nd December – Exercise and keeping fit

The Parents Coffee morning runs every Thursday in term time, from 9-10am. It is open to all parents who have children at the school, so please just turn up!