One You – Wellbeing Webinar Series

This pandemic has made us recognise the importance of prevention in tackling poor health.  

“A large proportion of people’s health outcomes (around 80%) are not related to the healthcare they receive but due to wider preventable risk factors (such as diet, smoking, exercise).”

This is why One You have created a wellness webinar series open to all community residents in Westminster or Kensington & Chelasea, where their health advisers will be covering three key themes of health prevention and wellbeing with information and tips on:

  • Movement for wellbeing – Thursday 22nd April, 3 – 4 pm
  • Eating for health and wellbeing – Friday 21st May, 11 – 12 pm
  • Self-care for wellbeing – Thursday 24th June, 11 – 12 pm

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