Westbourne Neighbourhood Plan – A big step forward

Westbourne forum logoAs can be imagined, preparing the Neighbourhood Plan for Westbourne is not a small task, and the Working Group formed to draft this important document is not idle, even over the summer months.

Not only did Westbourne Forum organise the Summer Festival as we do every year, but it had a stall that conducted a consultation as to what local residents liked and disliked in Westbourne as it is now, and what they would like to see improved. Interestingly, environmental issues such as air and canal pollution have now come to the top of the list of people’s concerns, ranking equal only to the presence and behaviour of gangs in the estates’ area.  While more people than ever see Westbourne as a friendly area, there is still a sense that Westbourne needs to find its identity, and that access to green spaces, community facilities and leisure and sports are aspects that need addressing to achieve this goal.

This outcome of the Festival consultation will help inform the choice of planning options to be studied and pursued, now that, with the support of Locality, an organisation dedicated to helping communities who work on their local plans, and the appointment of an urban planning consultant, AECOM, things are taking a big jump forward. The Forum Committee will meet in September to examine the consultant’s report and endorse the lines of action it will recommend. So the autumn will be rich in progress. Watch this space…