Hard working volunteers get green fingered!

On saturday we had the first working day on the Academy garden. Since the end of term, the plants, weeds and grass had gone wild in the wet and warm weather we have had! There was a lot of tidying to be done. Here is how the garden looked before we started:

And here is how we left it! Much better I think you’ll agree!

Westbourne residents worked hard weeding, cutting the grass (even without a strimmer!), sowing radishes and pruning the tomatoes, planting shrubs, herbs and flowers, building a support for the pea plants, watering and composting!

It was great to see how much difference even just a few hours made to the site.

Supporting the peas and weeding the tomatoes

We even got to take home some lovely fresh produce – spinach, land cress, rocket, lettuce, herbs and courgettes were all ready to be harvested.

We will be going back to the garden throughout the holidays to keep it tidy, please look on this website for more details or email charlotte@pdt.org.uk to be added to the mailing list.