A History of Westbourne in 50 Objects



We need your help!

Westbourne Forum have commissioned a permanent wall display to be situated in the foyer of the Stowe Centre, entitled ‘A History of Westbourne in 50 Objects’ – and we need your ideas about which objects to  feature in order that this display represents the historyand diversity of Westbourne today.

The purpose of this display is to give Westbourne residents an opportunity to discover more about the history of the physical world they share with each another, and to give them a tangible connection to Westbourne residents of the past. The wall display will feature a picture or photograph of the object along with a short explanatory text and will be available to be viewed by everybody visiting the Stowe Centre.

We intend to feature ‘objects’ from the recent history of Westbourne such as Westminster Academy, large objects like the Westway, small objects which reveal buildings long gone, and objects which refer to distant history such as a map of the Bourne river from which the area takes  its name. We’d also like to find objects associated with the area, which reveal stories about the life and times of Westbourne people. For instance,

A Heinz Baked Beans can                                   

Did you know that Heinz used the canal as one of its main delivery routes to and from its factory in Park Royal? Millions of tons of tomato puree and beans travelled West from the London Docks via the canal at Westbourne, and after manufacturing millions of cans of baked beans travelled back East to the docks, en route to dinner tables around the UK and the rest of the world.


How to get involved

In order to come up with an interesting list of 50 objects we are enlisting the help of local history groups, local organisations and local residents. If you have a favourite local landmark or object which you think should be featured let us know what it is and why it is important or interesting to you.

 Please contact Allison at Westbourne Forum at allison@pdt.org.uk or call on 020 7266 8252. Please send us your ideas by Monday 21st March.