Volunteering with Westbourne Forum and Westminster Academy

Westbourne Forum and Westminster Academy are  launching their volunteer programme for students of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.  These students are required to take part in projects that are creative, active and service providing.  These are essential components of the IB programme.  Westbourne Forum is providing an opportunity for students from the Academy to engage in many different aspects of community development work from organising and delivering events such as the recent one publicising the proposed development of St Mary Magdalene Church on the Warwick Estate, to health outreach work and shop front improvement projects.  Training took place place last Saturday 27th November at the Academy for the first group of students and covered the history of Paddington, the core Values of PDT and the qualities needed to be a successful volunteer.  For their first project the volunteers will be organising the Westbourne Forum Christmas and Eid Party on 17th December at the Stowe Centre.   In addition to this project there are opportunities for adults to volunteer with the Forum.  For more information about volunteering or events please contact Allison Bennett on 0207 266 8252 or email allison@pdt.org.uk