Volunteer with Westbourne Forum

Westbourne Forum could not deliver events or decide on priorities without the involvement of volunteers.  We use volunteers in many different ways.  Firstly, the management board is made up of  7 resident volunteers and 7 community, business and youth volunteers as well as officers from various agencies.   If you have enjoyed any of our events such as International Day or the Festival on the Green, you could join the committee which is responsible for planning and organising events.  You could help us to deliver the event as a steward.   You could also get involved in any aspect of our work which particularly interests you.     Volunteering is a really good way to enhance your experience or try out a new kind of work to see if it suits you.   For more information on volunteering or becoming a Friend of the Forum please call Allison Bennett on 020 7266 8252 or email allison@pdt.org