Spring 2024 HAF Brainspark Camps

Brainspark Camps is a ‘Change4Life’ award winning organisation, offering FREE HAF holiday camps across London. We enhance mental, physical and emotional wellbeing through a unique range of fun, action-packed, high quality activities designed to engage neurodiverse and neurotypical children from all walks of life;

Health Food & Nutrition: hot meals, cooking, portion plates, fresh fruit and raw vegetables with lots of water throughout!

Sports & wellbeing: fencing, archery, skateboarding, tennis, ball games, racquet sports, rounders, free play, yoga, meditation

STEM & Educational Mobile Games: science kits, Lego Robotics, playtest proprietary History/ English/Climate educational mobile games connecting virtual with real world!

Nature & Climate action: bug pets, gardening, nature discovery walks, park picnics, build-a-bug-hotel, climate game activating real world climate action

Arts & crafts: drawing, painting, digital design, candle making, soap making, origami,

Model making & Board games: Life size ‘Connect4’ & ‘Snakes & Ladders’, as well as Lego, clay, model making

Cultural Enrichment: Bekonscot Model Village, Garrick Theatre, Unicorn Theatre, Design Museum, Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park Pirate Ship, bowling,

SEND Friendly
We have some training or experience of Special Educational Needs & Disabilities and are able to accommodate children with low-level needs, we do not offer 1:1. Contact us to discuss how we can support your child.

Ages 5 – 13

Any questions about the project?
Call 020 8259 4869 or 079 5736 1378 or email us at camps@brainsparkgames.com

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