Girls’ Hub

Come hang with us. Girls only. All girls are welcome to our fun, safe, social evenings. Activities include: + dance (contemporary, street, jazz) – for beginners and intermediaries + health + everyday life workshops + interactive discussions on what matters to you + creative arts + crafts + cosmetic workshops + cooking skills + and much more... Ages 11-18 (girls only) Every Tuesday evening 6.30-8.30pm Free entry, free snacks, free activities. Free minibus home. Come along and tell your friends. Scan me to find out more GIRLS’ HUB Instagram: avesyouth Tiktoc: avesyouth Twitter: AvenuesYouth79 Youtube: AvesYouthTV Facebook: TheAvenuesYP 3-7 Third Avenue, London W10 4RS | | Tel: 020 8969 9552

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