February half-term – sport, art and crafts activities

PLEASE NOTE: This project is part of the February Half Term activities, funded by Westminster City Council

The description plan for Westminster Supplementary School for this February HAF activities is to deliver five days activities.

This will include four indoor and one outdoor activity. The indoor activities will consist of Art & Craft and cooking. These activities have been designed for children aged 4-15 years old.

The children will be divided into groups according to their ages whereby the Art teachers will be working with some of the children part of the day, whereby the children will be introduced certain Art & Craft ideas.

The teacher will explain the aim and ideas of the task. Then the children will be given to materials required to carry out the task, which will include papers, different types paints, brushes, clay and etc. to work and to learn to how to design certain work together with the supervision of the Art teacher.

Details of free meal provided: Healthy fresh cooked from selection of: Pizza, Mediterranean, South Asian dishes + fruits and drink. Food for children with food allergies and halal food will be considered.

Nearest bus stop: Victoria Bus stop, Vauxhall Bridge Road (Queen mother stop) Bus is No: 36, 2 and 185
Nearest tube stop: Victoria and Pimlico

Contact email: yawoozezzat@yahoo.com
Contact phone number: 07888735602

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