Burdett Coutts Summer Camp 2024

We are delighted to be able to offer a safe, fun and friendly camp over the Summer break.

Age: 5 – 11 years


  • A water bottle
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather and activities/physical activities
  • NUT FREE packed lunch if you are not having ours
  • Snacks for the day


This Summer – every day is packed with adventure. From splashing water fights to arts and sports, and special themed days like Superhero Day and Around the World Day—there’s endless fun to be had! Join us for the “Battle of the Camps,” where each camp competes against each other in thrilling competitions. Campers will unleash their creativity, enhance their teamwork skills, and make lifelong friends.

(We like to ensure our camp is as child lead as possible, this can mean that the activities will differ at each camp based on the children’s preferences.)

Join us for all this and more as you get to learn, grow and move every single day you spend with us at camp. As well as continuing the camp experience even once the day has ended, bringing home fun facts, handcrafted artwork and even a few new moves!


EMAIL: schoolcampinfo@ourparks.org.uk

PHONE: 073 0629 7789 (Call or Text Message)

(During our busy periods, please expect a reply in up to two working days. To ensure the team can best help you, please include the camp you are looking to book onto and if you are looking to access a funded place into your enquiry.)

Booking and Further Details


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